Feature Competitor Storm Case Storm Case Advantage
Latches Narrow “Knuckle-Buster” Design May Pop Open When Dropped Press & Pull Operation with Extra-Strength Wide Design Won’t Pop Open When Dropped Pain-Free Latch Operation That’s Twice as Strong More Secure Case Closure
Carry Handle Hard, One-Piece Construction or Thinly Padded with Harder Rubber Durable Inside Core with Soft Overlay More Comfortable to Carry
Nameplate Area Adhesive Labels Adhesive Labels Custom 3-D Logo Option Easy Customization Permanent, Molded-In Logos That Can’t Fall Off
Panel Mount System Plastic Frame Screwed to Interior, Variable Height Extruded Aluminum Rails with Molded Corner Pieces Watertight, Sealed Rivet Attachment for Custom Fit Stronger Panel Mount Construction Permanent, More Secure Panel Attachment
Case Material Polypropylene or ABS HPX High Performance Resin Better Impact Resistance
Purge Valve Manual Pressure Adjustment Valve Screws Out (Could get lost) Patented VortexTM Valve Valve Won’t Fall Out Automatically Adjusts to Changing EnvironmentsNo Lost Valves
Extended Handle (Larger Cases) Bulky, Heavy or Thin-rod Designs Sleek, High-Strength, Tubular Build Stronger and Lighter
Cubed Foam System Single Layer of Cubed Foam Multilayer Cubed Foam Highly Customizable to Your Individual Needs